I started playing the piano at the age of 8. I’ve always been passionate about music and foreign languages (english, german and spanish). I'm fluent in english and spanish and I'm always very happy to connect with people in english, spanish and also german since my level is good in this language too. Then I continued learning the piano in a music academy in Paris and I got a degree in L.E.A. ( international business and foreign languages) at the University of Paris in 1993. Later, as I wanted to develop my compositions, I got a degree in composition at the national music academy of Bayonne (France) in 2009.portraitok2 3

I compose piano music and music for piano and violin that is in continuity with classical music as well as offers innovation in the content. These pieces are shorter and more approachable since I favor the evidence and beauty of the melody. I also compose songs, songs for choirs and music for wind orchestra. These pieces of music are imbued with a lot of lyricism, poetry and softness and, according to the impressions that I receive, transmit a lot of sensations of well-being, calm and reconnection to oneself. I believe indeed that, beyond the words, we can deeply touch people's heart thanks to beautiful melodies. My inspiration comes from my imagination and from being convinced that I’m connected to life and the universe. In concert the music that I play is always greatly appreciated by the audience. I hope you'll appreciate discovering my website. If you're interested in organizing a concert or ordering a music please contact me.